Komorní scéna Aréna now in English!

…with us, you’re in good company.

Aréna Chamber Theatre was founded in 1994. Since its foundation, Aréna has gradually evolved from an unknown small scene to one of the most acknowledged theatres in the Czech Republic. Our productions are favoured not only by the general public but also by critics. This is evidenced by extraordinary successes on a nationwide scale and many awards for our theatrical work, which four times culminated in the highest award for the Theatre of the Year. Aréna focuses on the so-called acting theatre. The main goal of the theatre is to critically reflect the modern world through both classical and contemporary plays, which are often tragicomedies.  

We are proud to announce that from November, we introduce to our audiences a new subtitle machine, which will finally allow us to welcome English speaking residents of Ostrava to our theatre. 
For your own comfort whilst reading the surtitles, we recommend to buy tickets to the upper rows (6 to 8).
> Current measures for the visit of the theatre
> Plays with English surtitles
> Theatre membership programme and gift vouchers

Current measures for the visit of the theatre

What should you expect when you come to our theatre?

Right at the entrance to the theatre (at the cloakroom) you have to go through a COVID checkpoint, where you will be asked to provide one of the followings:
– vaccination certificate (you have to be at least 14 days after the second dose),

– certificate of recovering from Covid-19 not older than 180 days before the date of the show,

– negative result of a PCR test not older than 72 hrs, if you are partially vaccinated (you’re in between first shot and 14 days after the second one), youngsters from 12 to 18 years old or you’re medically contraindicated to covid vaccine.

We remind you that the theatre and the bar are opening 1 hour before the start of the show (at 5.30 pm). If you can, please come to our theatre in advance in order to avoid queues just before the start of the show.

In all the spaces of the theatre you have to wear respirator, unless drinking or eating of course. If you happen to forget your respirator at home, you can buy one at the box office. We also recommend to use the disinfectant for your own safety.

Thank you very much for your understanding and we are looking forward to seeing you in our theatre!


Plays with English surtitles


William Shakespeare
directed by Ivan Krejčí 

Away, and mock the time with the fairest show! 

Shakespeare’s Macbeth is the shortest and most compact tragedy of the Bard and it has both rabid rhythm and great psychological depth. The playwright reveals the dark side of a human soul, showing how evil is born and eventually ends up dominating the man. It is a captivating drama of Macbeth’s rise and fall. A drama of a man who had found his way to power and when he pursued it, he lost everything he had lived for. A drama that makes us realise how little it takes to awaken the worst in us. A classical Elizabethan drama loaded with murders and witty speeches and sometimes even with humour, although quite a dark one. 

on programme with surtitles: Friday 26/11 and Wednesday 15/12


Konec hry (Endgame)

Samuel Beckett
directed by Ivan Krejčí 

Use your head, you’re on earth, there’s no cure for that!

Even though Samuel Beckett’s well-known Endgame shook the traditional theatre during its premiere in 1957, nowadays it is considered a part of the classical world repertoire. Beckett has created a post-apocalyptic image of the survival of the last people in the wasteland of a devastated world. What is the worth of humanity and what is worth maintaining when we’re experiencing the last days of mankind with no hope for the future? The author, notoriously known for his sarcastic humour, acts out an existential buffoonery of barely surviving characters, who are waiting in vain for any meaningful change in their lives in a nameless space-time, in which we can recognize the contours of our world.

on programme with surtitlesThursday 2/12 and Friday 21/1


Zabiják Joe (Killer Joe)

Tracy Letts
directed by Jiří Pokorný 

Well, that’s all anybody really cares about, isn’t it?

Killer Joe is a masterfully written black comedy about a bizarre Texan family trying to solve their financial situation by hiring a professional killer. However, everything gets complicated and their situation gets even worse when the murder is performed, because they find out their whole plan was just a big mistake. Josef Kaluža was awarded a Jantar Award 2018 for his portrayal of Joe.

on programme with surtitles: Sunday 30/1


Kočka v oreganu (Invincible)

Torben Betts
directed by Petr Svojtka 

It’s all gone horribly wrong somewhere along the line.

Invincible has become a box-office hit right after its London premiere in 2014. Metropolitan intellectuals Emily and Oliver move out from London to a cheaper house in the North of England in order to be closer to “the real people”. Those are represented by a married couple from their neighbourhood, Alan and Dawn, who prefer soccer and drinking canned beer to talks about politics and the arts. A witty drawing-room comedy about a clash of two cultures reflects both funny and less funny aspects of our time. Petra Kocmanová was nominated for a Thalia Award 2019 for her portrayal of Emily


Komáři (Mosquitoes)

Lucy Kirkwood
directed by Kateřina Dušková

When all we’re talking about is, what? The force of two mosquitoes, flying into each other.

Do you trust scientists? Or is their effort to find the answers for questions, that would never occur to you, is scaring you to death? The scientific development and its (dis)aceptance by the society is one of the main themes of the British tragicomedy Mosquitoes. Karen is an acknowledged emeritus scientist, who almost won a Nobel prize, her older daughter Alice is a nuclear physicist, who may be awarded a Nobel prize someday in the future, and her younger daughter Jenny doesn’tcare about a Nobel prize, because all the answers, she needs to know, can be found on Google, on which she boundlessly relies… A witty intimate drama, asking for the meaning of our own existence and whether we’re still capable to return to the elementary human values.

on programme with surtitles: Friday 7/1


Theatre membership programme and gift vouchers

English membership programme

Do you like what we do and are you considering visiting our theatre more regularly? If your answer is YES, then we have a unique offer right here for you! Become a member of our club and get a subscription to a selection of the best theater plays with English subtitles.With our membership, you will get tickets to four plays with English surtitles that will be scheduled always on Mondays, from January until June 2022.

Plays offered in English membership

Samuel Beckett: Konec hry (Endgame)

Tracy Letts: Zabiják Joe (Killer Joe)

Torben Betts: Kočka v oreganu (Invincible)

Lucy Kirkwood: Komáři (Mosquitoes)

The membership cards will be available at the box office from the 20th of November until 15th of January at the price of 880 CZK (basic) or 560 CZK (reduced).


(Christmas) Gift vouchers

Would you like to surprise your loved ones with a ticket to our theater, but you are not certain which performance would be right for them? Choose our gift voucher and leave the decision to them. Vouchers for this season are valid until the end of June 2022 and you can exchange them for tickets to any performance in the Komorní Scéna Aréna box office.

The voucher does not apply to premieres, assigned performances and events outside the repertoire.

Gift vouchers can be purchased at the price of a regular ticket (260 CZK) or a reduced ticket (180 CZK).

Box Office

+420 602 702 120

Mo — Fri    3 pm — 6.30 pm
and also an hour before the start of the show.

For your own comfort whilst reading the surtitles, we recommend buying tickets to the upper rows (6 to 8).


basic – 260 CZK
reduced – 180 CZK
(students / seniors / teachers / ZTP and ZTP/P / members of emergency service)
opening night – 350 CZK

Discount will be provided only after presenting a valid card!

Entry after the start of the show is not allowed.
The programme may be subject to change.